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New Opportunities and Challenges for LNG Ships
News Source: topco Writer:  Published:2015-8-6

As a clean energy, natural gas is being valued by increasing countries and authorized Organizations. Gas will be a reasonable option to resolve emissionsfor Ship owners in coming years forced by new rules and policies from IMO and government bodies. Gas utilization will be expected to expand, which will stimulate the requirements for LNG carriers and LNG fueled ships.

As the largest energy consumer, China is facing serious environmental problems. In order to deal with these concerns, Chinese government is making more stringent laws on environment and air pollution and will invest over one trillion RMB on them. Transportation is an important industry involved in energy saving and emissions reducing. The subsidy from China MOT is one billion a year now, rising at a high rate every year. A new building LNG fueled ship will have access to apply up to RMB 1400, 000 from government. Rising consumption and utilization of gas will stimulate the requirements for LNG carriers too in future.

The 3rd Topco LNG Carriers & LNG Fueled Vessels Assembly is a good platform and opportunity for learning, exchanging, and networking with over 300 industry peers.

Main topics:

Global and China’s LNG Market Outlook and the Future of the LNG Shipping Market

LNG Carrier & FSRU Order Books, Forecasts & Trends

China’s Market Outlook and Demand for Small-Mid Scale LNG Carriers

Introduction of Advanced LNG Related Business at NYK Line

Development of Key Technology China’s Large Scale LNG Carriers

LNG Reliquefaction solution for bunker, carrier and LNG fueled ship–Turbo Brayton breakthrough technology

Competition and Development of LNG Transportation

LNG Fueled Ships Update from LNG Power

Update and Requirements for LNG Fueled Ships in Guangxi

Research on Key Technologies of LNG Fueled Work Boats in the Dredging Indutry

Rules for LNG Bunkering and Legislated Inspection Rules for Vessel-Marine Facilities

LNG Fueled Ship Demonstration Project Update and Policies Trends

Cases Analysis and Technology Safety Rules on LNG Fueled Ships

LNG Fueled Ships Status and Challenges

Energy Saving & Emission Reduction and Top-Down Design in the Shipping Industry

And etc.

Speakers from

China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association

Poten & Partners

CNOOC Energy Technology & Services-Oil Production Services Co.

Hudong-zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.

Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co.,Ltd

NYK Line

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies (ALAT)

China-Shipping LNG Investment Co. Ltd

Shanghai LNG Power Shipping Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Xijiang Investment Group

CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd.

CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institutes

China Watterborne Transport Research Institute, MOT

American Bureau of Shipping

Kunlun Energy & CSC (Wuhan) Natural Gas Company Limited

China Academy of Transportation Sciences